Bagpipes bring joy

The bagpipes have returned to Brighton, much to the delight of many people we support, and thanks to our volunteer bagpiper Ron.

Warwick, who lives at Minda Brighton and works at Commercial Enterprises at Reynella, is a big fan of the bagpipes.

Warwick was filled with joy when Ron played the bagpipes under the rotunda at Minda Brighton during a recent Friday lunchtime. He enjoyed clapping along in time to Ron’s music, and chatting with Ron about when he would come back next!

Everyone loved Ron’s performance, which included the Adelaide Crows’ club song and concluded with popular melody for the great highland bagpipe, Highland Cathedral.

Ron has been playing the bagpipes for 50 years, and his instrument is an incredible 130 years old.

“I play the bagpipes every day,” said Ron, who started learning to play as a child.

“When I started, my mum was told she’d need to buy me bigger shirts. It was true, I put on six inches around the chest in learning to play,” he said.

Ron will be returning to play the bagpipes under the rotunda on the last Friday of each month at 1pm.

“I like seeing the joy on people’s faces,” Ron said.