At home With Marty

Marty is celebrating more than one year living at Brighton – and life is sweet. Marty lives with three housemates, Michael, Anthony and Des, and his cat Ginger.

A long-term resident of Minda, Marty moved into his new home in February of last year, and, of course, his cat Ginger moved too!

“Ginger comes inside, sometimes he sleeps on my bed, or in the lounge, and occasionally he visits Anthony too,” Marty says.

Marty takes care of feeding Ginger and making sure his furry friend has fresh water. He also helps with chores around the house such as tidying up the plates after a meal and taking the bins out Marty says his favourite things about his home are the big TV in his room – so he can watch the football.

Marty enjoys keeping his support staff, work colleagues and people around Minda Brighton up-to-date with the football, and always has the latest information on who’s playing and who’s winning.

Known for his positive and friendly attitude, Marty loves to greet staff and customers and this year will celebrate working at Minda’s Store for a fantastic 35 years.

Keep up the great work Marty!