Stars of the stage

You’d be forgiven for thinking you stepped into a night club when the guys from RU Serious take the stage at Minda!

The beloved band – who are known for their tributes to everyone from The Beatles to The Beach Boys, Suzie Quattro and David Bowie – are the recent recipients of the Star Volunteers award.

At the April Coffee Club, we honoured band members Darryl, Steve, Peter, Errol and Max with

an award in recognition of their outstanding service and for always turning it up to 11!

Volunteer specialist Louise Fletcher made the presentation to the band, saying they received the

Star award for 10 wonderful years of volunteering at Minda.

The band’s music is loved by people supported by Minda, who always look forward to hearing from RU Serious at the monthly Coffee Club and events like Stars of Minda and Christmas Carols and Markets.

Thank you, RU Serious, for everything you’ve done, and continue to do, for Minda.