Our Values

At Minda, we have launched our new values – heart, opportunity, respect, community and empathy!

Dr Clare Allen announced the values to staff via video on 6th August and says they have been developed through staff consultation and feedback. She says that after talking with staff across the organisation about reframing the values, together we came up with:

We work with heart
To create opportunity
Operating with respect
To build a community
Inspired by empathy

“Heart, opportunity, respect, community and empathy are values that are important to us,” Clare says.

“Heart shows we are passionate, we care, we are dedicated.

“Opportunity means we support people to be their best, we are open to ideas.

“Respect means we value each person and we treat each other with kindness.

“Community demonstrates we are welcoming and we build real connections.

“Empathy means we consider people’s feelings, we show compassion.”

Executive Manager, People, Culture & Change, Lois Andrijich says reframing our values was important in the new NDIS environment to demonstrate Minda’s customer-focussed approach and to reflect values that resonate with our employees.

“Organisational values represent what is important to us as employees, and guide our behaviours within the business. In addition, they show customers and other stakeholders including partners and potential employees what we stand for,” Lois says.

Organisational Psychologist Christine Groemer says staff engagement was crucial in developing the values.

“We held face-to-face focus groups and meetings at a variety of worksites, as well as using visual activity at some venues, and there was an online survey available to all staff,” Christine says.

“The results from this engagement showed staff identified some themes as being core to Minda. These included that Minda has heart, we are professional and focus on high quality, we are always moving forward, and that we are like a family and genuinely care about each other.”

From these themes, the values of Heart, Opportunity, Respect, Community and Empathy emerged and you can watch a video about our new values here: www.mindainc.com.au/values