Kate's making her move

Kate has been a customer with Minda for several years now and her parents Michael and Liz came across the organisation while they were on holidays from their former home interstate.

“We were in Adelaide for a holiday and decided to take a tour of this place our friend had raved about, Minda – it was a revelation! We’d never seen somewhere so transparent and welcoming. It was amazing,” Liz says.

The family made the decision to move to Adelaide and Kate started attending MyPATH. After a while, it was suggested that Kate might like to work in the ReStyle Sanctuary Op Shop.

“She is making cups of tea, working the till, sorting clothes and best of all, she loves it,” Michael says.

Kate has used working at ReStyle Sanctuary as an opportunity to develop her independence, which was one of Liz and Michael’s biggest concerns for Kate - growing her independence and making sure she would be okay if one day they could no longer care for her.

Last year, Kate was offered an accommodation place with Minda. She was allocated a house at Brighton, sharing with three other ladies.

“Kate’s self-esteem has gone way up and she loves the house. She comes to our place for family dinner on Mondays and she never hesitates to go back to her home with a smile," Liz says.

“We really underestimated how much Kate loves being at Minda. I don’t think we appreciated it until we went away for a few weeks and saw how much she missed it.”